Tuesday, November 6, 2018

GreenTech is yearly from now on

Many possibilities for robotisation in the greenhouse

GreenTech presents the sustainable themes of Water, Energy, Crops and People. Whenever we highlight People, we are referring to robotisation, human resources and lighter manual work. Tim Verbeek (Vice President, Platimun Produce), one of the Canadian visitors of Greentech 2018, emphasizes the importance of robotics in the horticulture industry. He says: “I think robotics will become increasingly important. The challenge is to explore the effectiveness and many possibilities that robotics offer. Probably in the next couple of years we will see more companies participating”.

GreenTech is yearly from now on

From now on GreenTech is going to be an annual show. The next edition will be held from 11 - 13 June 2019. As Mariska Dreschler, Director Horticulture, explains “The greenhouse technology market is a booming industry around the globe with many Dutch companies on the forefront. For that reason a comprehensive trade fair focused on technology is logically located in the Netherlands. Making GreenTech an annual show is the request we have repeatedly received from the industry as a whole. Our vision is to be the number one platform for innovators, market & thought leaders from all over the world to connect with their peers and explore the latest in greenhouse technology.”

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